Latest news:

Sep 25, 2020:
New paper on biosensor engineering is out in Nat Commun, see HERE

Jun 15, 2020:
IAPP fibril paper is out in NSMB: HERE

Feb 12, 2020:
New preprint on bioRxiv: Amyloid fibril structure of islet amyloid polypeptide by cryo-electron microscopy reveals similarities with amyloid beta

Aug 21, 2019:
New publication in Nature Communications on the PI3K-SH3 amyloid fibril structure by Cryo-EM. see here.

Aug 7, 2019:
New DireX Version 0.7.1. Added a turbo mode, which is much faster (but less accurate). Download here.

Sep 10, 2017:
New publication in Science on the Abeta(1-42) fibril structure. see here.

Sep 1, 2017:
We have new job openings for postdocs and PhD students, see here.

Jul 10, 2017:
Congratulations to Michaela, Amudha, and Tatjana on their successful PhD Defenses!

Dec 4, 2015:
Congratulations to Dennis on his successfull PhD Defense!

Nov 22, 2015:
New publications on our protein structure refinement method and CASP11 results.

Feb 3, 2015:
Congratulations to Zhe on his successfull PhD Defense!

The Group

group-picture Group in Aug 2019


gunnar Gunnar F. Schröder
Group Leader
kanna Karunakar Pothula
james James Geraets
christine Christine Röder
PhD student
luisa Luisa Schäfer
PhD student
mara Mara Zielinski
PhD student
none Benedikt Frieg
none Nils Sujata
Master student
none Simon Sommerhage
Master student
none Ronja Friede
Bachelor student
none Maximilian Harth
Bachelor student
none Anja Truong
Bachelor student


Inda Ferber Biosoft Guest Student (2019)
katrin Katrin Sachowsky
Master's student
lukas Lukas Krieger
Master's student
daryna Daryna Smyrnova
Carla Schenk PhD student
Amudha Duraisamy PhD-student
Michaela Spiegel PhD-student
Tatjana Braun PhD-student
Dennis Della Corte PhD-student
Wang Zhe Postdoc
Lena Möhlenkamp Master's student
Robin Pauli Master's student
André Wildberg Postdoc
Kumaran Baskaran Postdoc
Benjamin Falkner PhD-student
Roya Moghaddasi Fereidani Biosoft Guest Student (2014)
Duccio Malinverni Biosoft Guest Student (2013)
Guoxi Nie Biosoft Guest Student (2012)
Samuel Hanot Biosoft Guest Student (2011)